Arash Sadat Featured on “iSoftpull: The Main Course” Podcast

MSD Partner Arash Sadat breaks down the differences between dispute resolution methods and makes recommendations on which avenue to pursue and when to best protect your business interests on the podcast iSoftpull: The Main Course. 

S1E9 | Protecting Your Business from Legal Risks | MSD LLP Litigation Attorney & Partner Arash Sadat

Litigation, arbitration, and mediation…when to pursue each of these legal measures and what you can do to protect your business’ legal interests. Listen to our latest episode of iSoftpull: The Mai Course Podcast, featuring Arash Sadat, litigation attorney and partner at Mills Sadat Dowlat LLP. Tune in to learn more about the best practices for protecting your business from legal risks and enjoy peace of mind! 

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