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Millions Recovered for Our Clients

Creative Solutions For Unique Legal Challenges

Millions Recovered for Our Clients


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Located in downtown Los Angeles, MSD LLP represents clients in industries as diverse as the city itself. From complex business litigation to employment disputes to real estate and intellectual property, MSD LLP will aggressively protect your interests in every stage of a dispute, from inception to trial.

Our attorneys have years of experience representing clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to individuals in need of litigation counsel. This experience allows us to offer our clients the highest level of representation, all while maintaining the one-on-one availability of a boutique firm.

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Legal Practice Areas

Employment Litigation

MSD LLP can help individuals protect their interests when they are wronged by their employers. Common employment-related disputes include wrongful termination, harassment, and wage and hour violations.

Business Disputes

Business litigation can take many forms, from a simple breach of contract to complex issues involving fraud or breaches of fiduciary duties. MSD LLP has helped clients in a variety of industries resolve their business disputes on favorable terms. In all our representations, we focus on achieving the best results for our client efficiently.


We have clients across all entertainment industries. From representing singers and social media personalities to actors and movie companies, we have experience handling transactional matters, guild and union negotiations, as well as various forms of entertainment-related litigation.

Personal Injury

After a car accident or injury, it can be difficult to know who to turn to or what to do. At MSD LLP, we provide personalized and attentive care from the moment you hire us, so you can focus on recovering from your injury. We only take a percentage of your monetary recovery as our fee, which means if you are not awarded any money, you do not owe us anything.

Probate Litigation

Issues related to the probate process and the administration of an estate can quickly become complicated and cause unnecessary stress in an already difficult time. With a compassionate and personal approach, MSD LLP can take the reigns and resolve disputes stemming from the probate process.

Real Estate Litigation

Real estate litigation can involve issues of breach of contract, escrow conflicts, easement disputes, unlawful detainer actions, lease disputes, and many others. Whether you’re buying or selling a home or involved in a landlord/tenant dispute, we have the experience to help you resolve your dispute quickly and efficiently.