Detox Clinic Death

Detox Clinic Death

Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction have exploded in prevalence throughout California and the United States in recent years. Drug overdose deaths have risen fivefold over the past 2 decades, according to the CDC.  In 2021 alone, 106,699 deaths people died of drug overdoses, with 70,601 of those deaths caused by synthetic opioids, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Addictions are a serious problem, and those who suffer from them should seek out rehabilitation or detox clinics for help. Unfortunately, not all facilities are created equal. Some are dangerously negligent while caring for dependent individuals. When this happens, the consequences may be catastrophic, resulting in severe injuries to patients, and even deaths. These tragic incidents occur far more often than is acceptable. Our firm has repeatedly fought for the families of affected individuals against negligent facilities. For example, our firm filed a complaint in Orange County on behalf of Michele Hansen—a loving and devoted spouse and mother of two children—who struggled with prescription drug dependency. Less than three days after being admitted to a detox facility, Michele was found dead in her bedroom, face down in her own vomit. Our firm’s work has been covered in the media, including our representation of the family of Andrew McConnell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9EZkvBFwzM.”

When this happens, the consequences may be catastrophic, resulting in severe injuries to patients. Sometimes facility employees’ negligence and misconduct can lead to fatal accidents. While a rehabilitation center’s wrongful death may seem unusual, these occurrences occur far more often than is acceptable.

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Top Drug-Related Deaths in Drug Treatment Facilities

  • Excess medication administration
  • Improper oversight of administration of medications
  • Insufficient supervision of patients
  • Improper medication dispensing to patients.
  • Failure to make certain that substance aren’t brought into the premises


Causes of Deaths in Detox Facilities

Rehab facilities’ healthcare practitioners and workers are in charge of ensuring that patients receive a safe environment during their detox therapy. Patients’ lives can be put at risk if facilities do not have adequate safety precautions in place, or if caretakers are unprofessional and abusive.

Patients who are not adequately cared for or given attention can die as a result of following problems:

  • Medical conditions that go unchecked as a result of negligence
  • Physical injuries, such as assaults
  • Neglect, resulting in starvation
  • Errors related to medication or administration of medication
  • When needed, individuals are unwilling to seek medical treatment from outside the institution.

If your loved one died as a result of substandard care or mistreatment in a drug rehabilitation center, you may file a wrongful death claim against the facility and the employees who failed to fulfill their duty.

You should request a death certificate if your loved one passes away at a drug, alcohol, or detox facility as a patient. Our wrongful death lawyers will assess the circumstances surrounding the patient’s death and decide whether the rehabilitation facility should be held liable for his or her loss of life.

If medical malpractice or medical negligence results in a wrongful death, you should hire the services of a professional who is knowledgeable with these circumstances and has experience handling them. You can file a wrongful death claim to seek for compensation for emotional suffering, loss of income, funeral expenses, and other associated costs and losses in the case of death in a rehabilitation facility.

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