Pregnancy Discrimination

Pregnancy Discrimination

A type of sex or gender discrimination [gender discrimination page], Pregnancy discrimination or pregnancy-related discrimination occurs when an employer treats you with less favor than any other worker because of your

There are numerous examples of pregnancy discrimination in the workplace, including:

  • firing you or laying you off because you got pregnant,
  • harassing you because of your pregnancy,
  • not promoting you because you are pregnant,
  • offering worse compensation, such as pay or fringe benefits, including health insurance, because you are pregnant,
  • demoting you,
  • not providing reasonable accommodations for your condition, such as light duty work,
  • refusing to hire you because you are pregnant or intend to become pregnant,
  • not allowing you to take pregnancy leave or sick leave,
  • refusing to let you partake in job training,
  • not providing lactation breaks so you can pump breast milk, and
  • retaliating against you for sending a pregnancy discrimination demand letter or filing a lawsuit.

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Pregnancy discrimination by employers is illegal under both the California Fair Housing and Employment Act (“FEHA”) and Pregnancy Discrimination Act (“PDA”).  Under FEHA, it is also unlawful for an employer to discriminate against you on the basis of race, religion [religious discrimination page], gender, or certain medical conditions.

In addition, there are other laws that aim to protect pregnant employees including:

  • Laws on lactation breaks [lactation breaks page] and pumping breast milk (Labor Code section 1030)

If you are in San Francisco, you may be entitled to six weeks of extra pay for baby-bonding.

If any of the examples of above of pregnancy discrimination in the workplace apply to you, please call us immediately. We have significant experience representing victims just like you, and our expertise has been highlighted by the media: https://www.ktvu.com/news/gender-discrimination-called-out-at-san-francisco-based-gaming-company.